Chang, Hartford, Makino, Niigata, Mori Seiki, Mitsui Seiki, Okuma

Spindle type Boring centers: 110-220mm spindle diameter range, 3m-6m tables x 4m height capacity, up to 100HP, ATC, rotary tables, contouring heads, right angle heads

Fixed spindle machining centers: 630-800mm pallets, 4-5 axis, 4500-8000 RPM spindles, up to 40HP

Vertical Machining centers: (X axis 800mm-2000mm), (Y axis 700mm-970mm), (Z axis 600mm-700mm), 40 HP, 4/5 axis, rotary trunnion table

Duplex milling machines: 20mm-150mm x 430mm-1200mm, parts heights to 400mm, auto part sizing, rotary table, hydraulic clamping, and CNC control

Gun Drilling Machines: 4-32mm diameters, 800mm-1800mm drill depths, 1200mm-1500mm(x axis travel) x 800mm-1200mm(Y axis travel), CNC control

Planer mills: 1.5m-3.1m (width) x 4m-12m (length) x 1.3-2.5m (height), up to 100HP milling heads, CNC control

Bridge machining centers: 3.4m-10.4m (X axis travel) x 2.4m-3.9m(Y axis travel), 700mm (W axis travel), 700mm (X axis travel), auto head changer, ATC, pallet shuttle option, CNC control

Vertical Turning centers: 1.25m-2.0m table, 1.6-2.5m swing, 1.25m-2.0m turning height, 50- 100HP table drive, 25HP milling spindle, ATC, CNC control

Horizontal turning centers: 1000mm-1920mm swing x 2m-30m centers, spindle drives to 375HP, milling spindles to 30Hp, weight capacity to 150tons, spindle bore (165mm-610mm), CNC control

Roll Grinders: 400mm-2000mm swing x 1.5m-12m center distance, 1500KG- 40000KG capacity, CNC control


We offer an extensive new machine tool line that is built to our / customer specifications.  We use (4) manufacturing houses that have been building machine tools form 1967.  We have on-site personnel to insure customer deliveries are meet and any special quality  / machine run-off procedures are performed and documented.